If you are unable to visit one of our stores in Paris or London, MM7 are happy to receive postal repairs. For all postal repairs, download the product repair form and complete as directed. Please include one repair form per pair of shoes. Follow below postal repair guidelines:
  • 1. Contact MM7 to notify cobbler of your repair requirements by phone or email. For email contact, please include images of your product for assessment purposes.
  • 2. Complete product repair form, one form for each pair of shoes, ensuring all product and contact details are included in package.
  • 3. Upon receipt of your goods, the MM7 team will contact you directly to confirm the repair cost and procedures. Payment will be taken accordingly.
  • 4. Upon completion of your repair, MM7 will dispatch your goods and confirm tracking details.


Christian Louboutin Repairs

– Christian Louboutin red leather sole replacement
– Half Christian Louboutin red rubber sole
– Full Christian Louboutin red rubber sole


Popular Repair Options

– Half and whole rubber soles
– Heel tip replacements
– Heel recovery
– New insoles
– Spike replacement
– Crystal replacement
– Overall cleaning or polishing services
– Stitched on sole repair
– Underpatching


In addition to the listed repair options, MM7 offers a variety of repairs which can be adapted to meet your specific repair requirements.