Leather is a natural material and certain irregularities of the skin may be present which are natural signs of its authenticity. External elements such as sunlight, humidity and pollution can impair the natural aesthetic of the leather. In order to enhance the product’s longevity, it is essential to protect and nourish the leather as well as regularly check the overall wear and tear of your shoes, having the heels and soles replaced as needed.

Product Maintenance

In order to preserve the natural quality of your product, cleaning and conditioning treatments are required. It is important to regularly clean your shoes, carefully removing dust, dirt and other external elements on the outside and inside of the shoes. After cleaning, use a quality leather brush and polish to preserve the appearance of your shoes and ensure the longevity of their wear, avoiding contact with abrasive materials at all times.

When storing your shoes, it is important to keep your shoes dry, out of sunlight, properly ventilated and within their protective dust covers and box. For more absorbent materials such as suede, using a protective waterproofing spray can help to ensure that your shoes are not significantly damaged if worn in wet or moist conditions.

If you have any additional questions about the care and cleaning of your shoes, please contact our Minuit Moins 7 team for further advice and assistance.