Minuit Moins 7 is a traditional cobbler with two stores located in Paris and London. The Paris cobbler opened in 2009 and is located within the Véro-Dodat Galerie in the heart of the historic centre of Paris. The London cobbler is nestled within the vibrant hub of Whitecross Street in East London. The savoir faire of trained craftsmen makes Minuit Moins 7 the premier destination for fine luxury shoe repairs.

Minuit Moins 7 revives the tradition of art and craft, delivering a meticulous quality through our speciality services. Minuit Moins 7 is the only establishment that can replace the famous Christian Louboutin red leather soles as well as the rubber soles which have been specially developed by Christian Louboutin for Minuit Moins 7. The cobblers hold all of the components needed in the restoration and recovery of a Christian Louboutin shoe.



Cobbler Minuit moins 7
10 Passage Véro-Dodat
75001 Paris
Tel : +33(0)1 42 21 15 47

Opening hours
Monday - Friday : 10am-7pm
Saturday : 11am-1pm and 2pm-7pm
Sunday : Closed

Dear customers,

Our Cobbler shop Minuit Moins 7 Paris will be closed this summer at 5pm on Saturday, August 12. We will reopen on Monday, August 28 at 10am.
You won’t be able to drop off any additional pairs for repair at closing date.

Thank you for your understanding, we wish you a great summer and see you soon!


Cobbler Minuit moins7
163-165 Whitecross Street
Tel : +44(0)207 6082330

Opening hours
Monday - Friday : 10am-6pm
Saturday : 10am-2pm
Sunday : Closed