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The below price list is a guide. Upon your visit to the Cobbler/ upon reception of your shoes at our Cobbler, our team will contact you to discuss the repair works, price and lead time.

Half red rubber soles ladies £40
Half red rubber soles & stiletto heel tips £45
Half red rubber soles mens £45
Rubber and leather heel tips £35
Rubber heel tips £30
Heel tips - stilettos £10
Nailed heel tips £12
Leather piece £15
Full red leather soles ladies £90
Full red leather soles & heel tips mens £160
Sole gluing £12
Complete new heel (pair) £75
Complete new heel – exotic skins (pair) £90
Re-attachement and secure heel £20
New inner socks £30
Metal toe piece mens £12
Shoe stretch £10
Boot stretch (calf area) £15
Cleaning / polish £22
Heel grip padding £35
New elastic £35
New buckle £25
Price list as guide only. All items subject to review

Price on the first of january 2018

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